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Student Success Stories

Abigail's Story

By the time she was in the 9th grade, Abigail couldn’t bring herself to go to school anymore. 

Life was difficult and often miserable within the school walls. Life at home wasn’t much better. For the next three years, she followed a different path from her classmates. Then, just one year ago, she gave birth to her son, Colton, and her life changed forever.

Recognizing she was now a single parent with no job prospects, Abigail was determined to return to school and finish her high school education. She enrolled in our GED program and, despite being a sleep-deprived new mom, faithfully attended her classes and studied relentlessly. She worked so hard that she quickly surpassed the pace of the classes. In a record three months, Abigail completed the equivalent of two years of high school, passing her last GED test and graduating this past spring.

But Abigail’s story doesn’t end there. She now has a job at a behavioral health school and has enrolled in a community college with plans to earn a degree in social work. This path will benefit significantly from Abigail’s background and personal experience.

Student Success Stories